Alfie Walker Rockart.

*Image Courtesy of Micah Boerma

Alfred Walker!

Wiradjuri Gibir (man)

Within Australia, Aboriginal Rock Art is a traditional practice for generations, telling stories and recording historical events within Aboriginal Culture. However, some of these amazing artworks are often inaccessible. Alfie Walker's art has taken a contemporary approach on this form of story telling. Alfie is a local Wiradjuri gibir (man) of Goulburn NSW, who is an elected community leader on both the peak Aboriginal organisation (Pejar LALC) and recently elected as Deputy Mayor to Goulburn Muwlaree Council. Alfie is a local Aboriginal story teller, and is now telling his local stories through Contemporary Aboriginal rock painting. He is a Wiradjuri gibir, descending from the Brungle Region and also descends from the Yuin people of the South Coast of NSW. The artworks take tradition art practices and present them in contemporary framing for display, making Aboriginal Rock Art accessible for Aboriginal & Non-Aboriginal people to appreciate.

All artworks done on Black Granite with acrylic