Bush Medijina ASAC

Lovingly Handmade body products Groote Eylandt Australia. 

Bush Medijina use knowledge that has been passed down from their mothers, grandmothers, aunties and elders to harvest bush produce on their country.

They use this native produce as well as other materials to make their range of body products.

Bush Medijina a small not-for-profit indigenous enterprise whose sales support their business to grow stronger, for their women, culture and communities. The Warnindilyakwa women of the Groote Eylandt Archipelago speak language, Anindilyakwa... hunt bush tucker and bush medicine and are proud of their culture.

"We use our knowledge from our culture to start our own business."

Bush Medijina began in 2016 in an empty shed with a full heart and a big dream. This shed is now their working home and is a lovely place to be. "It smells beautiful when we are preparing our bush medicines that we use to make our products."

"The Bush Medijina shed provides us with a comfortable space where we come together as women.  We know what is important to us, not only at work but in our lives and in our community. We value being good mothers, showing kindness to others, being loving and caring, being respectful, thoughtful and friendly. It is important to us to live in a community where these values are shared by others. We also want people from other cultures to understand our culture better and know that we are good honest people.

Bush Medijina, we work hard so that we can support ourselves and our families and we also learn how to keep our minds and bodies strong.  We learn from each other, the community and stakeholders about being healthy and we are growing this part of our enterprise so that we can become stronger, as individuals, as a team, and as an indigenous community."