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Barbara McGrady - Photojurnalist

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

I strive to tell a story and evoke an emotion.

Barbara is a Gamilaroi Murri Yinah (woman) from North Western NSW and Southern Queensland. A meticulous Sydney - based photographer, her images

capture the passion and achievements of contemporary Aboriginal history.

Telling the story through her unique sociological eye, Barbara desecribes herself as an observer and a protagonist, a'documentarian'of historical events that are important to Aboriginal people and culture and Australian people in general.

As a former athlete and lover of sport, Barbara has photographed some of the biggest sporting events in the country including NRL, AFL, title fight boxing & basketball. 

Barbara is the recipient of the National Indigenous Human Rights Anthony Mundine Courage Award for social documentary photography 2014 and The International Solid Screen for Indigenous women was awarded to Barbara for Photo Media documentation in 2015.