Robin Jampijinpa Brown - Nguru Nyirrpi-wana (Country around Nyirrpi)

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Robin Jampijinpa Brown - Nguru Nyirrpi-wana (Country around Nyirrpi)


This pain􀆟ng depicts the natural landscape around Nyirrpi,
a small Warlpiri community (originally an outsta􀆟on) about
160 km west of Yuendumu. About 200 people live in Nyirrpi
today. The bush around Nyirrpi features plenty of ‘waô€†Ÿya’
(trees), ‘marna’ (grass), ‘kuyu’ (animals) to hunt, and ‘miyi’
(edible plants) to gather.
There are a number of beau􀆟ful natural features close to
Nyirrpi, including sandhills, soakages, and Karrku (Mt.
Stanley), a large flat-topped hill that is an important source
of red ochre used during ceremonies. There are also a
number of small outsta􀆟ons around Nyirrpi. These include
Wayililinpa, Yinjirimardi, Karrinyarra (Mt. Wedge),
Nginyirripalangu, and many more.
Many sites around Nyirrpi are associated with different
‘Jukurrpa’ (Dreamings). These sites include Karrku, which is
associated with a ‘karnta Jukurrpa’ (womens’ Dreaming) and
a ‘ngalyipi Jukurrpa’ (snake vine [Tinospora smilacina]
Dreaming). In the Jukurrpa, two women of the Napaljarri
skin subsec􀆟on threw a hairstring rope around Karrku and
tried to pull it down.
Other Jukurrpa around Nyirrpi include the ‘warna Jukurrpa’
(snake Dreaming) that travels north from Kunajarrayi (Mt.
Nicker), the ‘maliki Jukurrpa’ (dog Dreaming) associated
with Winijardu, a hill, and the ‘marlu Jukurrpa’ (kangaroo
Dreaming) that travels from north to south past Nyirrpi.
There is also a ‘pamapardu Jukurrpa’ (termite Dreaming)
and ‘mukaki Jukurrpa’ (bush plum [Santalum lanceolatum]
Dreaming) associated with Warntungurru, a hill close to
Nyirrpi. This ‘pamapardu Jukurrpa’ (termite Dreaming)
travels from Wapurtali (Mt. Singleton) in the west to
The Jukurrpa sites around Nyirrpi are all owned and cared
for by different skin subsecô€†Ÿons. Some people are ‘kirda’
(owners) of the Jukurrpa, and others are ‘kurdungurlu’
In Warlpiri painô€†Ÿngs, tradiô€†Ÿonal iconography can be used to 

represent the landscape around Nyirrpi, the Jukurrpa, and
other elements. Pain􀆟ngs of Jukurrpa around Nyirrpi can
include wavy lines that are used to represent the ‘ngalyipi’
(snake vine), dashed lines used to represent the
‘pamapardu’ (termites), and concentric circles used to
represent waterholes or ‘mingkirri’ (termite mounds).


46 x 46cm